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Naga is one of the original characters in the Does Not Play Well With Others comic, the latest addition to the Poe-verse. From waist up she's a human female (with some interesting anatomical enhancements), while from waist down, she's a giant rattlesnake. This is sensible enough given the real-life meaning of "Nāga", not to mention all of the fantasy novels, comics, etc., where similarly snakey nagas appear. She shares a house with fellow DNPWWO pioneering character Fran.

First seen in some Christmas 2007 omake that appears to have disappeared from the server, and subsequently in the extensive series of filler art written by Poe during his May 2008 get-caught-up hiatus. She appeared in a bit of Errant Commentary and would have come to a tragic end if Errant Commentary is to be taken seriously. It's not, of course. Since then, she's gone on to a continued starring role in DNPPWO, and in the process, undergone a great deal of character development. In the process she moved from being a typical half-human, half-monster snark machine to something that's seriously creepy. (This is "development"?)

We're learning more about Naga (and the other DNPWWO characters) as DNPWWO proceeds, so if you're on board as a Heretical Monk, please expand this article. She's ... interesting.

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