Northern Confederacy

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Northern Confederacy

Detail Map Major Cities
Esmapconfederacyke9.jpg .
  1. Salvus
  2. Santuariel

The Northern Confederacy is what they're calling whatever the hell lies north of the Veracian continent these days. It has in past epochs been known as The Dwarf Lands, The Wastelands, and Troll Country, depending. The Confederacy contains the city of Salvus. The island sanctuary of Santuariel likely lies somewhere close to its borders...


The Northern Confederacy is probably the only non-elven derived civilization in the comic (not that it warrants the distinction much, to hear people tell it). The core of its population seems to have been formed by human tribal bands that sometime during the Elven Golden Age civilized themselves when nobody was looking. They probably directly benefited from the Elves' banishment of their humans at the end of the Errant War, and again from refugees fleeing the expanding Veracian Church.

The Northerners appear to have benefited somewhat from dwarven relics in their territory, and are responsible for the introduction of firearms in the Errant Story universe. They were responsible for one of the Veracian Church's bloodiest defeats when they stopped an attempted expansion into their territory, an event Veracia's armies still haven't recovered from. There are some bizarre rumors being spread about the nation in Tsuiraku...


The impression given so far is that Northern culture is more than a little barbaric, some cities more than others.

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