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Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2004/03/01


Chapter 7
03/01, 03/03, 03/05, 03/08, 03/10, 03/15

Chapter 11
12/17, 12/20, 12/22

Chapter 12
04/11, 04/13

Chapter 22
07/17, 07/19, 07/21

Chapter 23

Chapter 27
03/14, 03/16, 03/19, 03/21, 03/23

Chapter 31
11/19, 11/21, 11/23, 11/26, 11/28, 11/30

Chapter 37
11/17, 11/19, 11/24, 11/26, 11/28, 12/01

Chapter 41
07/15, 07/17, 07/20, 07/22, 07/24, 07/27, 07/29

Chapter 45
04/19, 04/21, 04/26

Chapter 46
07/19, 07/22

Chapter 47

Chapter 48
12/06, 12/13

Chapter 49
04/21, 05/02

Chapter 50
06/16, 06/23, 06/27, 07/11, 07/14, 07/18, 07/21



A high-ranking member of the Ensigerum, who has most likely been with the Order for quite some time. Paul appears to be Anita's right-hand man, second-in-command at the very least, and seems to normally tend to the issues and problems within the Order.

Paul normally has the function of interacting with the Veracian Church, as he's a bit more experienced in brown-nosing diplomacy than Anita. This has given him access to some of the church's secrets, although whether this extends as far as access to the Heretic Knowledge Vault itself is uncertain. He is also considerably more conservative in outlook than Anita, whom he finds brash (with good reason). He believes that the minimal contact between Ensigerum and the outside world has generally been a good thing that has kept the Order alive over the years, and is not pleased with Anita's plans for expansion and elimination of the Gewehr Wraiths. In his traditionalist role, he's the one who recalls the business of testing new recruits' loyalty by setting them against someone from their former lives, sending Sara down the path that leads to Jon, Sarine, and who knows what.

All of that said, he doesn't shy away from getting his hands (or more accurately, the Ensigerum's) bloody when appropriate. After the Winston Maurel gig misfires, he joins Anita in jumping to erroneous conclusions as to what happened, and doesn't hesitate to send "several" monks out to wipe out the Wraiths in Veracia. Cautious and conservative, yes; a wuss, not.

He's high enough in the hierarchy of the Ensigerum that he normally is able to send others out to do the bloodletting rather than get his own hands dirty. However, he definitely has the Time-ninja skills of a working monk, as he shows here when enraged by Ian's nonchalance about the carnage he caused in Emerylon. So Paul has a bit of sympathy for Veracia? Well, considering that he hails from Emerylon, that's not so surprising. But Anita also suspects him of keeping track of his relatives there, which is a bit surprising -- in fact, at odds with Ensigerum policy -- for a staunch traditionalist.

Paul is part of the party when Ian and Anita try to enlist allies among the trolls, with highly unsatisfactory results, the trolls having recognized Ian as a "Marime" and wanting nothing to do with him. This gives Paul yet another chance for an "I Told You So" moment at Anita's expense. This outcome, however, doesn't keep him from joining the party headed off to trash the elves in Praenubilus Astu, despite suffering from airsickness. Let's face it; this guy is a mensch.

Actually, was a mensch. He becomes the first of the major characters to join the sad Living Impaired category at the final battle in Praenubilus Astu, when he catches a bullet from Jon as he fights Sara. Sara has the presence of mind to cast a Dispel to negate his time-ninja magic, and Jon's skills as a Wraith do the rest. Sorry about that, and it was nice knowing you.

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