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Pocket Dimension

First use: 2003/01/15

Where used

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It's hard to be sure just what this is, spell or gadget, but it's certainly magical, so ...


Whatever you call it, a Pocket Dimension is a neat way of holding things that its caster/owner finds inconvenient to carry around, yet wants easy access to. The spell/gadget/whatever opens into some other plane of existence in which such things can be stored for future use. The opening vanishes when the spellcaster turns the Pocket Dimension off, and all of the stuff within is secured until it's needed again, without weight or bulk.

Where Used

Meji is the first person we've seen using a Pocket Dimension, at the very beginning of the strip. At this point she puts stuff into her backpack, and the backpack into the Pocket Dimension so that she doesn't have to carry it.

It isn't clear whether the other spellcasters use a Pocket Dimension, but they probably do. Sarine seems to have a gadget for every occasion (e.g. manacles), and she has to store them somewhere, yet doesn't normally carry a massive pack around, so she probably knows/has Pocket Dimension. Ian too doesn't carry a pack, so he presumably uses this as well. However, neither has been seen to explicitly cast a Pocket Dimension spell.

Can non-spellcasters use a Pocket Dimension? Not clear. Resolutely non-magical Jon doesn't carry an enormous pack, but he too always seems to have gadgets (notably weaponry) at hand when he needs them.

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