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Race: Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2009/05/13


Chapter 40
05/13, 05/15, 05/17, 05/25


2009/05/11, 2009/05/20

One of the elves forming the rear guard of the expedition sent to revive Senilis, somewhere up north. At first he plays a rather generic NPC Guard role, having his name shouted out (along with that of the similarly NPC-Guard-ish Elanin) in the combat with the Amraphels and Meji but not specifically being identified, but he achieves a certain grisly notoriety when he's sent to dispatch Meji, here. Unfortunately for him, Meji has just succeeded in getting rid of the Binding that had been placed on Sara when he comes calling, and Sara does her time-ninja thing, neatly beheading him just in the nick of time. It may be worth noting that this combat is possibly the first time we've ever seen Ellis actually do anything useful, as his delaying action as he tries to claw Rainae's eyes out is an important part of the sequence.

He's the one with the long dark hair and dagger.

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