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Rangers are elves whose duty it is to roam the world hunting enemies of elvendom -- read Errants (or, depending on individual perspective, any Half Elf) -- and exterminating them. (It isn't clear yet whether their enemy-killing role applies to non-errant, non-half-elf enemies too.) Rangers are the only kind of elf that spends much time outside the elven lands, apart from a few oddballs like Melrin. Some of them come to prefer the company of humans to their own kind. Sarine Elle, a ranger, speculates that you can tell how long an elf has spent in the company of humans by how sarcastic they've become. Apparently the title "Peregin" refers to rangers when used by elves. The rangers seem to generally have a low opinion of other elves, and a fair bit of respect for one another.

Rangers in Errant Story

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Poe Notes:|

Taken from this forum entry.

It's worth noting that becoming a ranger is general considered an honorable thing for a elf... leaving the safety of their majestic city to go perform the dangerous, nasty, though honorable duty of hunting down errants... and the perfect thing for say a, known human-fucking malcontent who brought noting but shame upon her entire house and relations, to redeem herself for fighting on the wrong side of the war.
I really wish I had done that flashback of Sarine talking with her mother about becoming a ranger that I had wanted to put in chapter twenty one.

Actual Dialog cut from panel due to space:
"Jon, after the meeting remind me to go tell her we slept together. She'll just assume it otherwise."
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