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Face Rapekun 1.png


Race: Familiars
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2004/07/30


Chapter 8
07/30, 08/02, 08/04, 08/06, 08/09, 08/13, 08/16, 08/18, 08/20, 08/25

Chapter 37
12/17, 12/19, 12/22, 12/24



Rape-kun is Bani Igaaru's familiar. He is a small, pink, "affectionate" micro-tentacle monster that enjoys sitting on Bani's head. Despite the fact that Bani is a schoolgirl, Rape-kun does not, in fact, live up to his name. He was apparently protected by a password, which Bani did not know back during her days at Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration, that enables his "adult mode;" it hasn't been revealed whether or not this state of affairs has changed since Bani's graduation.

Rape-kun does not seem able to talk, though he can understand speech. All readers like him and think he's funny; most characters aware of his existence seem to like him as well, except for Ellis. It is suggested that this is because Ellis is a small and vulnerable target for a tentacle monster's ministrations and that he had unpleasant, or at least very sticky, experiences with Rape-kun in the past.

He's making a bit of a splash as the heavy/prankster in the Fun with Familiars filler art series.

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