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Race: Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2007/07/18


Chapter 28

Chapter 33

Chapter 35
08/22, 08/25, 08/27, 08/29, 09/01, 09/03


2003/09/24, 2003/09/26, 2004/09/10, 2006/05/31, 2007/06/29, 2007/07/02, 2007/07/06, 2007/07/09, 2007/07/11, 2007/09/19, 2007/09/21, 2007/09/28, 2007/10/03, 2007/10/05, 2007/10/08, 2007/10/10, 2007/10/12, 2007/10/19, 2007/11/05, 2007/12/07, 2008/04/02, 2008/12/19

The Rinkai Erufu ambassador to Tsuiraku, at least until recently. Elven ambassadors are supposed to drop by Tsuirakushiti every twenty years; the last time he was there on the regular cycle, he impregnated Meji's mother (Miyo Hinadori).

People have been talking about him for a long time, Miyo in glowing terms -- the guy must have been really good -- Meji wistfully, and Sarine with disgust, since she doesn't approve of elves going around making possible errants and not having to face the consequences the way she does. He finally appears in Chapter 28 accompanied by an elven "Honor guard." We, of course, know that the honor guard isn't just ceremonial but is a real military force looking for Ian Samael, but the dignitaries of Tsuiraku don't know that. Miyo was all dewy-eyed at the prospect of seeing -- and otherwise experiencing -- him again, but he just had time to give an oily speech (matching his character, apparently) before the scene shifted. He has not been directly seen since, but has apparently had time to go to a reception and horribly upset the mother of his child despite the city nearly getting knocked out of the air.

In a classic case of good timing, or possibly Deus ex Machina, his second known arrival to date was immediately after Sarine and the Amraphels turned up in the city, giving them a better excuse for being there than Jon could have made up. He has similarly good timing (from a dramatic/comedic perspective, not in terms of his own comfort) in showing up for the Elven Council meeting at which Sarine, accompanied by the Amraphels, points out his, er, connection to the diplomatic crisis of the moment. It's fair to say that he doesn't take this well.

In the aftermath of Ian's goodwill visit to Praenubilus Astu, he got stripped of his ambassadorial position, as a result of Sarine outing him to the Council. He isn't taking this well, either, but has discovered the hard way that it really isn't a good idea to pick a fight with Sarine, no matter how much he wants revenge. In fairness, he was probably a better ambassador than his replacement, the hot-headed Lucian, is proving to be, but even in elven society, peccadilloes like siring Errants can only be overlooked for just so long.

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