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Race: Half Elves
Gender: Dick Girl
Introduction: 2006/01/13


Chapter 18
01/13, 01/16

Chapter 25
Cover Page, 11/17, 11/20, 11/22, 12/04, 12/06, 12/08, 12/11, 12/13, 12/15, 12/18, 12/20, 01/03, 01/05, 01/08, 01/10

Chapter 26
01/22, 01/24, 01/26, 01/29, 01/31, 02/05, 02/07, 02/09, 02/12, 02/14, 02/19, 02/26

Chapter 28

Chapter 31

Chapter 36
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2006/12/01, 2007/11/09, 2007/01/19, 2007/05/23

Riley is a knife-throwing assassin girl, or at least she might be in some parallel universe. (In the Errant Story universe, she's definitely a knife-throwing something-or-other, but the "assassin" part isn't yet confirmed.) She has an impressive collection of non-story art.

Resident of Santuariel, although interestingly, she's apparently not a native. Ian asks her to check on his mother while he's away adventuring, which is probably not a fun assignment to have. She's driving the cart that takes Ian, and a load of junk, to Salvus so that he can head south to his adventure.

She has revealed to Meji that her past really does include a stint as a knife thrower, for a circus. This means that there may have been a curiously oblique reference to her a long time ago.

Possessing, as she does, a winkie, she is considered a "freak" by human males she has flirted with (notably Scotty), with dangerous results. Her masculine appendage also caused other half elves to laugh at Ian for having a crush on her as a boy. It hasn't, however, prevented her from becoming Leah's girlfriend.

It is a matter of debate, as to what form of penis-bearing individual Riley can be classified as. If she also bears testicles but no other generative organs, Riley would actually be a male with gynecomastia and possibly some form of androgen-receptor defect. If, however, she bears both a full set of male and female reproductive organs, she would be classified as a true hermaphrodite. If she has only incomplete or anomalous genitalia, she would be classified as an intersexed individual. As of yet, no conclusive evidence has been revealed. It's probably just as well.

To hear Evelyn tell it (as replayed in Ian's dreams, anyway), she isn't much of a cook.

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