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The Rinkai Erufu are a race of elves who once populated the coastline of Farrel, and a good chunk of the southern and western oceans as well. In a simpler world, they might have been called Sea Elves. According to Poe, who ought to know (below), their common hair colors are purple (Misa's hair color, as revealed in the same thread), green, blue, pink, and silver.

They're noted for being uninhibited, and using Japanese words like Kawaii.

The culture and architecture of Tsuirakushiti show a bit of their influence.

Meji's father was a Rinkai ambassador. The last time he was in Tsuiraku, he knocked up Meji's slutty human mother.

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Poe Notes:|

(Taken from this thread in the Forum)

Insane wrote: That strip only states that silver hair is only found in Rinkai, they might still have a plethora of other hair colors, such as red. In this strip, though, Sarine straightly denies being Rinkai.

Silver, blue, purple, pink, green, blond and black... they're the anime hair color elves basicly. Red hair is unique to the Sanguen and Keiren.

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