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Sara Amraphel

Race: Humans
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2003/01/24


See Sara Amraphel/Appearances


2004/04/07, 2006/07/17, 2006/07/19, 2006/09/13, 2006/09/18, 2006/10/20, 2007/03/19, 2007/03/21, 2007/03/23, 2007/09/28, 2007/10/19, 2007/10/22, 2007/10/24, 2008/04/07, 2008/08/15, 2008/09/05

Sara Amraphel, AKA "Amraphel 2.0," is Jon Amraphel's younger sister (or, if you prefer, little sister magic zombie of slicey death), and a novice time-ninja in training with the Ensigerum. Following the death of her mother somewhere in Farrel, she was put in an orphanage for a while, where she started to display certain ... unusual ... abilities that marked her as a child to be watched. The Ensigerum, who are expanding under Anita, noticed, and recognized her as a possible recruit. She was now up for promotion to full monk, according to Paul, who arranged a small trial of her loyalty first. However, the way that went, she might never go back to the Ensigerum again.

Jon never saw Sara again after he was thrown out of the house by their mother, and for a long time, didn't know what happened to her. A not-so-chance meeting in Emerylon enlightened him, however. Sara knows that Jon is a Gewehr Wraith, an organization she is helping the Ensigerum wipe out, as she overheard their mother disowning him over it; that might explain her apparent carelessness while killing them.

It's likely her mother wouldn't approve of her current career, either.

Her first appearance in the story is very early, as she's wiping out a group of Wraiths (carefully leaving one alive to tell the tale) who are meeting inside an old, dilapidated windmill somewhere in Veracia -- we are never told exactly where. Her mentor, the full monk Warrel, times her during this "fight," and afterward, berates her and slaps her face for having allowed so much as a single Gewehr bullet to graze the sleeve of her tunic. This tells us pretty well all we need to know about the relationship between Sara and Warrel, which will be re-visited (to put it mildly) later in the story.

Sara has some magical skills beyond time magic, having communicated telepathically with her mentor (Warrel) during combat with trolls, and having blasted a troll in the face with some manner of magical force during the same combat. She seems able to use healing magic as well, based on an incident with an elven patrol outside Praenubilus Astu. On that occasion she's trying to heal a wound that she herself inflicted, although her victim-patient grumpily refuses to let her do it. Well, his loss.

Unlike most Ensigerum monks, who use a Lancea-type Durus Flamma, Sara uses a double bladed Dolon type out of admiration for Anita who uses one as well. This doesn't work to her advantage during her extended Chapter 27 duel with Sarine, whose view of the weapon is not very favorable.

After defeat by Sarine Elle, she has apparently joined forces with her brother and his elven partner for the time being, though apart from being an "Amraphel 2.0" and adding yet another scary armed individual to the group, her actual role is uncertain. In the process, she's gained an admirer: 6'4" fangirl Misa, who's first excited at the prospect of dueling an "Ensigerum warrior," then mortified to discover that she's not up to Sara's hand-to-hand combat standards -- to put it mildly. Sara tries to console Misa, but her people (elf-people?) skills aren't quite up to her combat skills, although Misa seems to appreciate the attempt.

She speaks some Elven, though apparently since Warrel spoke with a funny accent and she uses phrases such as "Or shall...I be break other arm?", her grasp of the language is far from perfect. She generously teaches her brother one of those standard phrases that travelers find useful but that don't appear in the typical phrasebook, although the elves are characteristically unappreciative of this attempt at -- dare one call it "courtesy"?

Based upon this post, it is known that Sara will show up in the Errant Story sequel, and look pretty good while doing it, so the smart money says she has an invincible plot shield until then.


Poe Notes:|
The funny thing is Proto-Jon and Proto-Sara both started life as basically the same character. I just could never decide if I wanted the main character to be a smart ass guy in his late twenties, or a sullen, nearly emotionless girl... beside gender/personality, they were nearly identical, same outfit, (okay, almost, the female version didn't have pants) same background, etc.

On Sara's age:

She's currently twenty one and roughly ten years old in the flashback.
Jon's 28ish...

Though also:

Twenty actually, and she's suppose to have an odd looking young and older at the same time thing going on.
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