Sarine's Husband

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Sarine's Husband

Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2002/11/08


11/08, 11/11, 11/13

Chapter 4
06/27, 06/30, 07/02, 07/04, 07/07

Chapter 10

Chapter 21
06/05, 06/07



Sarine's human lover who lived in the time of the wars, two thousand years ago. Needless to say, he's dead. And even if he hadn't died in the wars fighting one of the early Ensigerum warriors, knowing Sarine, she would probably still be brooding over his death.

Note, however, that when Sarine prepares Sara to call on the Elven Council, she's wearing an outfit that looks very much like what this poor fellow had. We don't know the exact relationship between the elves and the proto-Ensigerum, but Sarine has made it clear that it was the Ensigerum that did him in, barely a week after Sarine gave birth to his stillborn half-elven child. As she put it, that was a pretty bad week, and who would argue?

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