Sarine's Mom

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First Appearance: 2008/04/02(?)
Appears In: Chapter 33
Mentioned In: 2006/06/19, 2008/03/26

Sarine's "relation", as the elves put it. She lives in Praenubilus Astu with the rest of the respectable part of her species, and in all likelihood has not left in seventeen hundred years or so. We may see her here (middle panel), although this image may be of someone else. It certainly suggests "like mother, like daughter" as far as hot is concerned, and also hints at the social weirdness that may result when an elven child grows up and parent and child (both, after all, being immortal) look to be exactly the same age.

She apparently thinks that Sarine has brought nothing but shame upon herself, her house, and her family. Sarine, in turn, implies that it is her self-declared responsibility to ensure that this particular relation feels degraded by her daughter a minimum of once every five hundred years. That said, it was in an effort to save face for her relations that she became a ranger in the first place, so this comment should perhaps be taken less than seriously.

She was going to be in a flashback, but in the end it just wasn't important enough to mention.

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