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Mentioned In: 2002/12/25, 2003/01/08, 2005/11/16, 2005/11/18

Shiro Hideaki was a brilliant Tsuirakuan enchanter who lived long before Errant Story begins. He apparently designed a lot of golems, and was an all-around great guy, until his wife died and he decided that he had to bring her back to life, and the only place to get enough magical power was from the Veracian god-construct Luminosita. It is unknown if his attempt would have succeeded, because although certain characters have claimed that resurrection is impossible, rumor has it that he was interrupted mid-spell by fanatical priests, his spell was disrupted, and he started the Mage/Priest Wars, which we know almost nothing about.

According to the Chronicles of Heretic Knowledge, his late wife's name was Natsumi. That's about all we know about her so far.

His demise has been celebrated in stage and song, with several odd variations that are at odds with each other over the facts. (The one that Sarine remembers is, predictably, entirely in character.)

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