Slow Fall

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Slow Fall

First use: 2006/09/29

Where used

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Not a meteorological observation, but a spell.


The spell recipient (normally the caster) becomes able to fall through space for some distance (say, by jumping off a high ledge) without splattering into something messy upon impact at the bottom. How slow is slow? Not clear, but the general impression is of a leaf falling off a tree or something like that. The person doing the falling retains a certain amount of control on the way down.

Where Used

This one has its big moment during the melee that follows Jon's unsuccessful assassination attempt on Winston Maurel. Jon, who has lured the murderous monk Warrel up to his loft in the upper levels of the church, takes a non-magical fall down to ground level, slowing himself using whatever is handy so that he's only mildly banged up on arrival, in the hope that Warrel will use the spell to follow him. This apparently works, which gives Jon a chance to wound Warrel on the way down. Shortly afterward, Sarine, who's been hiding in the rafters, follows, although whether she uses Slow Fall isn't clear. Anyway, she arrives at ground level attack, and the grand melee begins.

In an entirely different setting, Ian, who's become unnaturally adept at using a Fly spell, asks Meji if she knows Slow Fall, just in case their magical flight to Santuariel develops a malfunction. In the event, when they reach the Santuariel area and Ian runs out of mana to sustain flight, they basically auger in. Did Meji's Slow Fall keep them from getting completely squashed when this happens? Who knows ...

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