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Type: Village
Nation: Farrel
Location: Southwest Farrel

Thranel is a small village in southwest Farrel, once the territory of the Keiren elves, first mentioned here. Thranel itself is significant mostly as a landmark nearby a large forest rumored for many years to be magical. As it turns out, the rumors were right. Coordinates found within a stolen volume of the Lorenzel Excavations led Meji, Sarine, and Jon to Thranel, and the forest. (It later turns out that Ian beat them to it, although they don't know that.)

Living within Thranel for over two millennia under the pseudonym 'Dennis,' the Keiren Melrin served as a guardian of the forest. Melrin has a fateful (and fatal) encounter with the busy adventurers at the Well Traveled Woman, a tavern in Thranel that he frequents. The forest itself hides a portal to a Giant Glowing Underground Tree Thing, which just might be a big, irradiated magic potato. Whatever its mystical origins, this magic potato is the resting place of the goddess Anilis, and home to Nookie and Kawaii.

Thranel does not have a Warp Gate.

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