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Race: Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2003/11/24


Chapter 5
11/24, 11/26, 11/28, 12/01

Chapter 6
12/12, 12/22, 12/26, 01/05, 01/09, 01/12, 01/14, 01/19, 01/23

Chapter 18
01/18, 01/20, 01/23, 01/25, 01/27, 01/30



Toren was the leader (or, as the cynical Sarna put it, "Lead Dead Moron") of a unit of elves sent to Saus in a disastrous attempt to waylay Ian and Meji. He and his unit represented the interests of the Great Houses in a small matter concerning a stolen book.

Toren's military squad was sent in response to Sarine's call for support in moving against a pair of errants. He was formal, fairly respectful (except to half elves, of course), magically powerful, and later slandered after his death by being referred to as "the Lead Dead Moron". Truly a shame. He also had really cool, intricately detailed armour. Let his death be a lesson to everyone... no matter how suave you are, how cool your armour is - if you serve the Establishment, you are doomed to die against the less powerful but desperate main characters.

On the other hand, Sarna wasn't the only one who didn't think highly of the guy. We see here and here that Sarine had a bit of a problem with him and his troops, and his gloating here must have made his demise even more satisfying to Ian than usual. Either way, he's joined the ranks of the "living impaired," so it doesn't matter whether we liked him or not.

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