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When I was a kid and teenager, I read comics. The usual stuff which I inherited from my older brothers, or found in the city library. Asterix, Smurfs, some Superman and Batman. Looking back now, that doesn't count. It ceased when I started to read "real" books, with longer stories and better availability in the library.
Fast forward a decade or so. At the beginning of 1999, I needed something to read. I had visited my friend for new year's eve, and finished the book on the train ride there. So I dropped by a comic shop, browsed through their offerings, and ended up with the first two volumes of 666. Yes, I admit feeling insecure reading that stuff on the train, where everyone passing through the aisle would see the pictures. That started a new phase of comic reading for me. Next on the list was Druuna, and then a lot of others. Not all with sexual content, but most for adult audiences. After searching the internet about comics, I soon realized that this was a good occasion to practice French. My favorite comic format are big hardcover albums, self contained or a limited number of volumes until the story ends, and those are most popular in France and Belgium. But I also have a nice collection of Batman comics now.
When searching the web for comics, I also became interested in web comics. I think the first one was Chopping Block. From there, I checked out other Keenspot comics, ending up with Clan of the Cats and Exploitation Now!, which explains why I'm here with Errant Story. One other, non-Keenspot comic I also read is She's a Nightmare (flash). Those are the webcomics for which I ordered merchandise or dead tree versions so far.


I usually spend my online time with much more technical stuff. Not that anyone here would care, but this is a wiki page I wrote. When I read through the dead letter format of Errant Story, and noticed that there was an Errant Story Wiki with lots of chapter summaries missing, I decided to do something about it. At the time of this writing, I have contributed summaries for chapters 7 to 10, three of which were brushed and polished by Tiamat. You can expect more to come, though probably not in the short term. Unless someone beats me to it.


When I started reading Exploitation Now!, I also looked into the forum occasionally. There were strange things going on, with newbies that drew too much attention to them being verbally killed in creative ways. It was called "initiation". I never cared to join the forum, or I joined and forgot about it. Anyway.
Exploitation Now! ceased, and there was a gap before Errant Story started. The new forum was already up, and there were strange things going on there as well. And there were discussions about the style of initiations, because fans didn't want to piss off potential fans of the new story. Initiations continued, but they now included resurrection of the verbally deceased candidates. Still, I didn't care to join the forum. There was nothing I had to say, and lots of other things to do.
After I started to contribute to this Wiki, I thought it was a good time to finally join the forum. Since nobody there uses a real name, I used my nickname dubioso. I'm probably most notorious for posting lengthy typo listings, a side effect of reading through chapters in order to write summaries. To my defense I have to point out that I didn't start to post typos until Impy asked for it.
No matter how long you've been around, you start in the forum as a n00b. Times had changed though. Nobody cared about initiations anymore. Some people there don't even know what initiations are. And guess what: within less than 3 weeks and with less than 10 posts, I managed to step on Insane_Megalamaniacs toes and have my initiation started. That thread got locked though, and the completion of my initiation was delayed. And before it was completed, I got DNI'ed by Impy! Who would have thought that possible?! She didn't know my Wiki identity at the time.

The XXO in my forum signature is a reference to an old joke, which I had almost forgotten. It's about a bloke who doesn't know how to write. So every time he has to sign something, he draws three crosses. Some day, he picks up a girl and checks into a hotel. There, he draws two crosses and a circle. When asked about it, he explains: "There are situations where you shouldn't sign with you real name."

Which Is It?

No both.
No neither.
No tough.
No easy.
No depends.
Just make you friggin' choice!

Dale Arden or Princess Aura?Princess Aura
Superman or Batman?Batman
Babylon 5 or Deep Space 9?Babylon 5
Buckaroo Banzai or Men in Black?Buckaroo Banzai
Shakespeare or Byron?Shakespeare
Six Feet Under or Dead Like Me?Six Feet Under
Sushi or Sashimi?Sashimi
Kurosawa Akira or Kitano Takeshi?Kurosawa Akira
Dubbed or Subtitled?Subtitled
Nascar or ChampCar?ChampCar
Soccer or Snooker?Snooker
Whisky or Wine?Whisky

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