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Detail Map Major Cities
Esmapveraciaak2.jpg .
  1. Emerylon
  2. Ensigerum Village
  3. Anuban Colonies
  4. Saus
Veracia is a large nation situated upon the peninsula to the east of Tsuiraku and Farrel. Major cities in Veracia include its capital, Emerylon, as well as the port city Saus. Small but significant, the Ensigerum Village is somewhere in northeastern Veracia, but as yet, we don't know exactly where. On a peninsula to the southeast are the remaining Elven Territories -- maybe. Veracia has begun expansion across the eastern sea, via the Anuban Colonies.



At first glance Veracia looks like a theocracy ruled by the Veracian Church. The guards at the Heretic Knowledge Vault, taking care of an obviously church-related site, seem to wear the same armor and uniforms as the police from Saus who are looking for Jon Amraphel after the Val Sennel hit, not to mention the incompetent guards who let the history-changing Connel assassination happen. However, it's possible to argue that the Church itself is actually loosely ruled by the ultra-elite Ensigerum Order, which tells the Church what they want and the Church makes it happen, all unbeknownst to the general populace. The Church cynically uses religion, via a pet pseudo-god called Luminosita, to keep the population repressed. Luminosita was also used as a tool of intimidation against Veracia's enemies for many centuries.

Using Luminosita, Veracia held significant power in Farrel, absorbed Delphiniel, and assimilated the kingdom of Lorenzel in a near-bloodless coup. Veracia would like to make another try at taking the Elven Territories, but knows it's not quite up to the task ... yet. Those heretical mages in Tsuiraku are also worrisome.


Much of Veracia's impressive history is due to its association with the Ensigerum, who clandestinely supported the Veracian expansion but are also not shy about using their clout against the church when it suits their purposes. The law is at the whim of the Ensigerum. They are not outside the law, they are above the law, and the law is whatever they say it is.

Shortly after Veracia annexed the kingdom of Lorenzel and pulled Farrel into its sphere of influence, the Veracian Priesthood, assuming that, since Elves hadn't been heard from for a long time, they must be extinct or nearly so, made a move to conquer the elven territories. Luminosita was sent to tear down the barrier the elves had erected between themselves and the outside world.

The resulting magical catastrophe nearly caused Luminosita to lose its cohesion and physical form, disrupted magical devices all over the world, and caused the cloaking devices which hid Tsuirakushiti from the world, to malfunction and ending that city's 1800-year isolation. This also revealed Praenubilus Astu and brought the elves back out of their hidey hole and into the world. Neither Tsuirakuans nor Elves were amused by this.

Now there were not one but two new rival global powers for Veracia to contend with and it was not any stronger than either of them. In fact, Veracia was, in most ways, inferior to both, since it couldn't handel either Elven Magic or Tsuiraku mage technology. Neither Elves nor Tsuirakuans were the least bit impressed by/with Luminosita.

An unknown amount of time after, the Mage/Priest Wars broke out between Veracia and Tsuiraku, the shadow of which continues to strain relations between them.

Errant Road

A version of Veracia exists (in non-canon form) in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game. See its separate article for more information.

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