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Warp gate

First use: 2003/01/22

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A magical method of instantaneous transportation. Warp gates can transfer people and whiny flying cats to other warp gates for only a modest ticket price. Warp gate travel is not recommended for those with heart conditions or pregnant women, and is rumored to have a chance (0.3%) to cause sterility. It's also possible to have side effects if using a warp gate with alcohol in one's system. To use a warp gate, one must buy, or otherwise obtain, a Travel rune.


Warp gates, as far as we know, are confined to human territory. The elves had travel platforms in the Good Old Days that serve a similar purpose, but they're distinct from human warp gates.

Jon is seriously freaked out over use of warp gates, while the other primary characters just go traipsing through them as though they're airport terminals. Judging by the constant complaining of Meji when forced to actually go anywhere on foot, the existence of warp gates appears to have had the same effect on the Tsuirakuan attitude to slow long-distance travel as the appearance of cars and airplanes have had on attitudes to similar tasks in our world.

Known Cities with Warp gates

Nation City
Farrel Isabel
Port Lorrel
Tsuiraku Tsuirakushiti
Veracia Saus[1]
Notes: <reference/>
  1. The Veracian Church will only allow one city to have a warp gate complex in Veracia.


Externally, the warp gate terminals tend to be enormous, towering structures, all built in the same Tsuirakuan style with no attention paid whatsoever to the surrounding buildings and whether or not it will fit in.


The internal structure of a warp gate is at least usually circular, with a number of pillars positioned around the edge of the outer circle, each topped with a hemisphere and glowing band, and a second, smaller circle and geometric shape inside this. Leading down to the platform itself is a set of stairs connecting to the outside of the warp gate terminal. All other details apart from the platform, if indeed there are any other details, are obscured by an illusion creating the impression of an infinitely large night sky extending in all directions.


The outer part of the terminal, i.e. the parts roughly corresponding to the majority of the airport terminal minus the boarding gates, so far appears to have the same rough structure and style as their real-world counterpart, with added glowy bits. For the Tsuirakushiti terminal, this effect is increased tenfold.

The gates are manned by robed figures -- Portal mages -- who supply the energy or magecraft required to make the transportation work. Their uniform consists of a floor-length, multi-layered robe and a tattoo on the forehead, and they take up a standard position of bowed head and two pairs of folded fingers when performing the actual transportation. This is accompanied by a distinctive "vvvmmmmnnnnnnnn...whshh" sound and waves of magical energy engulfing the individuals to be transported. This is repeated upon arrival, which occurs instantaneously.

A total capacity for each warp gate is unknown, but presumed to be at least limited by the number of people fitting in the inner circle of the gate's platform.

Operating sequence of a Tsuirakuan Warp gate.

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