Winston Maurel

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Winston Maurel.jpg

Winston Maurel

Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2006/03/10


Chapter 19

Chapter 23
08/28, 09/01, 09/08, 09/11, 09/13


2006/06/13, 2006/07/31, 2006/08/25, 2006/08/30, 2006/09/04

Priest of the Veracian Church who has recently been promoted to Cardinal. He's used as the bait to draw out the Gewehr Wraiths so that the Ensigerum can do something fatal to them. When Jon rose to the bait and fired on him, he looked as surprised as anyone, so presumably he didn't know that he'd been pressed into this possibly fatal service.

His image (photograph? painting? magical gadget?) was seen before he was. This is interesting, since there's no other evidence that Veracia has anything as high-tech as a camera.

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