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This is the main page describing the working standards, protocols, and practices of the Heretical Monks of the Heretic Knowlege Vault.



Policies of the Heretic Knowlege Vault.

  1. Edits can only be performed by logged-in users. That's due to various ne'er do wells continuously scanning the internet for pages that they can vandalize by posting their spam. Spam has become the graffitti of the internet. Normal wiki's are vulnerable to that because of their open nature.


  1. Honor each other's WIP (Template:WIP) tags
  2. Do not step on another's work-in-process
  3. Hold off all critique and edits until the WIP tags are actually removed.
  4. When creating a series of Stubs, use the Stub (Template:Stub)) template to let others know where these are. You might even receive help in getting them completed.
  5. When looking for work to do, check the Stub listings and the Needs Work listings. There is usually lots there.


Template Authors:

  • Always update the template list below when you make a new template.
  • Always put the documentation for the usage of the template in it's Talk page.
  • Do not do full page templates! Templates are components for a page. Full page templates make it too difficult for others to edit a page.

Article Authors and Editors:

  • Every Article should begin with a header template specific to that article's most important/unique category. The category should be declared in that header and not in the article.
  • In general, do not sign your work on the actual article pages, but do sign comments you make on the discussion pages.

List of templates used in this wiki:

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