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Race: Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2008/08/04


Chapter 35
08/04, 08/06, 08/08, 08/11, 08/13, 08/15, 08/20

Chapter 42
09/09, 09/14, 09/18, 09/23, 09/25, 09/28


2008/01/11, 2008/04/02, 2008/04/14, 2009/06/24

A "High Commander" in the elven military, mentioned here, as Sarine tries to bluff(?) her way into Praenubilus Astu with Jon and Sara. She quite reasonably expects his reaction to the news that she's bringing humans with news of the Anilis-napping to be ... strong.

Whether he's the same "commander" mentioned here is not clear yet. Quite possibly not; an elven commander (definitely of this rank) named Nisotta is on hand when Sarine and the Amraphels have a friendly chat with the Elven Council, and may have been the one given the news about the visitors. We do know that he's one of the elves consulted about the hostage situation with Barin, who's been bagged by the Tsuirakuans as inducement for the elves to let Meji Hinadori go. So far this isn't working well. Yenhael also seems to be one of the genocidal elves who are determined to get rid of all half-elves, no matter what the cost (as long as he doesn't have to face the danger), and agrees with neither Meji's current living arrangements nor returning her to Tsuiraku.

He joins the ranks of the living-impaired during the big expedition to the Far North, where he travels at the head of an expedition to retrieve and weaponize Senilis. He survives the skirmish with Sarine and friends well enough, and even gets the (temporary) last laugh by taking Sarine captive while everyone else trots off to find Senilis. Unfortunately for him, this entails an encounter with the stark-raving-mad Concussion and her hammer, which she uses to messily remove the top of his head. The elves, notably one Silman who hadn't been named before (a possible red-shirted ensign candidate), thoughtfully carry on as he would have wanted them to, but for the high commander himself, things just won't be the same, being that he's (apparently) dead and all.

Note that he may have appeared in a few other episodes; certainly there have been elves parading around in armor as gaudy as his own. However, in most cases, they've been anonymous, and elven affectations being what they are, it's not certain in those cases whether he's the wearer, or some other high mucky-muck is.

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