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BCE is the acronym for Before Common Era. The Common Era, also called the Age of Meji, is the era in the Poe-verse starting with the demise of Ian Samael at Meji's hands in Praenubilus Astu, so things BCE are everything that came before that. BCE dates run backward (the way "B.C." dates in the real world do), so that something dated 1000 BCE happened 1000 years ago, something dated 500 BCE happened 500 years ago, and so on.

Time in the world of Errant Story are divided into several eras, with boundaries in BCE terms as follows:

  • Age of Man (AoM): 1800-0 BCE, so that 0 AoM is 1800 BCE, 10 AoM is 1790 BCE, etc.
  • Errant Wars (era) (TEW): 2215-1800 BCE
  • Age of Elves (AE): 8000-2215 BCE
  • Everything else (Poe called it "A Long Fucking Time Ago," or LFT): before 8000 BCE

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