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The Veracian Church is an organization run by magic wielding priests. Centered in Emerylon, they control much of the state of Veracia in a theocratic government; as they ostracize conventional mages, power is consolidated in the hands of the elite priests. The term also describes the temple where the high and mighty among the Church hang their hats (or miters or whatever). This building is currently in less than pristine condition, courtesy of a visit by Ian. Come to think of it, the political/spiritual part of the Church isn't doing very well after that visit either.


The church is run by a single leader, known as the Patriarch. The current Patriarch is a man named Jeramel. Whether or not a woman could hold the position is unknown, but it is known that church "priests" can be of either gender, as a woman whom we might as well call a Nun appears here (and casts a little magic). The church influences all aspects of life in Veracia, holding authority in most cities, and working closely with non-magical police forces.

Somewhere in the chain of command under the Patriarch, but a couple of ply above garden-variety priests, are Cardinals. Winston Maurel has supposedly been named a cardinal, and is being used as bait to attract an assassin (Jon Amraphel) for destruction at the hands of the Ensigerum (specifically Warrel and Jon's sister Sara).

Much of the church's power comes from its employ of the Ensigerum, an order of ninja-like assassins who employ traditionally forbidden time-magic to greatly enhance their abilities. It is implied that they are used to quell potential uprisings through choice assassinations. What the exact relationship between the Church and the Ensigerum is is unknown at present, but it seems to revolve around the continued protection of a single village, where the monks train. The church has been reluctantly co-opted into an Ensigerum plan to exterminate the Gewehr Wraiths.


Not much is known about the beliefs of the Church, but they all center around a pseudo deity named Luminosita. The elves, the Tsuirakuan mages, and even the Ensigerum believe that the deity is a magical construct, as evidenced by one mad necromancer's attempt to drain its power, and here. Whether priests' magical power is drawn from Luminosita, or from the same source as mages draw theirs, is unknown.

Whatever their beliefs are, there are "facts" out there that are, if not grossly incompatible with those beliefs, at least inconvenient enough that the church doesn't want them advertised. For this reason the church maintains a Heretic Knowledge Vault to keep some of these annoyances away from prying eyes. Of course, the forbidden contents just make the Vault that much more tantalizing.

Since the Dispelling of Luminosita, the rank and file of the Church are going through a crisis of faith. Even high ranking members of the priesthood believed in Luminosita-the-God. Now that he is proven a construct, by the Goddess-infested Ian, whom no one knows is Goddess-infested, they no longer know what to believe. It is yet too soon to tell what sort of reaction there will be.

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