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Chapter synopsis: Ian rains magical destruction on the Veracian Church's main temple in Emerylon; Luminosita is summoned to deal with the attack but is dispelled, causing an energy pulse that reaches all the way to Tsuirakushiti; Ian attempts to extract information from Jeramel and the Church, but is backstabbed, then abducted by a mysterious time-ninja

2007/07/25 Ch. 29 Cover | Ian | Colossal Wreck
07/27 Unidentified Veracians | Emerylon - ZAP!
07/30 Ian - So that's who's casting the lightning bolts, and he looks vaguely crazy
08/01 Ian, NPC Guards - now he's inside the temple walls
08/03 Ian, Jeramel, nun, Sandel (? -- unidentified), others - Magical defenses and a demand for information
08/06 Jeramel, nun, Sandel (still unidentified), others - Luminosita has been summoned, is that OK?
08/08 Ian, Luminosita - An aerial battle is about to begin
08/10 Ian, Luminosita - Quasi-divine posturing and a quiet "Dispel"
08/13 Ian, Luminosita - You thought the previous ZAP was impressive? Just look at this one
08/15 Jeramel, nun, Sandel(?), NPC guards, others - Aargh! Where did Luminosita go? They can't do that!
08/17 random Veracians - Something's stirring in the ruins
08/20 Jeramel, others, Ian - Ian's dropping in for a chat
08/22 Jeramel, nun, others, Ian - Setting up one last wave of defenses
08/24 Ian, priests, Jeramel, nun - Priestly magic backfires badly
08/27 Ian, Jeramel, nun - A powerful touch and an unexpected demand
08/29 Ian, Jeramel - Questions about the elves are nothing to laugh about
09/07 Ian, guard captain, Sandel - Backstab, but the stabber takes a magical hit too
09/10 Sandel, Ian - Scooping the kid up to go meet a VIP, rapidly
09/12 Jon, Sarine, Bani's dad | Tsuirakushiti - WTF was that??
09/14 Jon, Sarine, Bani's dad - Pleasantries of a sort, and a realization that Ian Did It

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