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Chapter synopsis: Sarine, Meji and the Amraphels gate into some location in the far north; Sarine starts an apparent fight to the death with Sarna; elves attack the others, with no resolution yet

2009/03/06 Ch. 39 Cover | Sarna | Old Wounds
03/09 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis | somewhere up north - Gating in
03/11 Sarine, Jon, Sara - Someone else has been here, unsurprisingly
03/13 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis - A "fault zone" (what's that?) is mentioned, and Ellis asks a pretty reasonable question
03/16 Meji, Ellis - Ellis doesn't think much of Meji's attack of conscience
03/18 Sarine (offstage), Sara, Meji, Ellis - THWOK!
03/20 Sarine, Jon, Meji - A safe hidey-hole (relatively speaking), and Sarine goes scouting
03/23 Sarine, Sarna - Yeah, it does feel wrong ...
03/25 Sarine, Sarna - Bad news for Sarine, but Sarna tries to see it in a positive light, sort of
03/30 Sarine, Sarna - Sarna prepares to shoot the messenger, as the metaphor goes
04/01 Sarine, Sarna - And the fight is on!
04/03 Sarine, Sarna - And on and on ...
04/06 Sarine, Sarna - And on and on and on ...
04/08 Sarine, Sarna - Sarna snorts at the sword-toss trick, but there's a new twist
04/10 Sarine, Sarna - "That was real cute ... bitch," but it's not over yet
04/13 Sarine, Sarna - The battleground is getting dusty
04/15 Sarine, Sarna - Sarine takes the high ground...
04/17 Sarine, Sarna - ... But unfortunately, it conducts electricity; what's that light?
04/20 Sarine, Sarna - The rest of the elven rear guard, apparently
04/22 Sarine, Sarna - Back at it after an exchange of snark
04/24 Jon, Sara, Elanin, Rainae - The battle spreads to the supporting cast
04/27 Jon, Meji, Ellis - Jon takes a hit; Meji might get involved after all

Note: Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate article).

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