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2010/11/19 Ch. 48 Cover | Ian | Slash and Burn
11/22 elf, elf zombie | Praenubilus Astu - "HIISSSS!"
11/25 elf, elf zombie - An insult to the natural order of things
11/29 Ian, Nisotta, Kleine, elves - Magical artillery first, for all the good it will do
12/02 Ian, Nisotta, Kleine, elves - Now the Inanire 312s
12/06 Ian, Paul, Nisotta, Kleine(?), elves, Ensigerum - They forgot about the shock troops, disastrously
12/09 Ian, Nisotta, Kleine, elves, Ensigerum - Adios, Nisotta, we'll miss you; so much for the 312s
12/13 Paul, Ensigerum, Jon (offstage) - The Good Guys discover the dismembered zombie
12/16 Sarine, Jon, Ellis, battlemages, elf - Ellis: "Okay ... that's just some messed-up shit there." Right.
12/20 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Ellis, Kawaii, battlemages, elf, monk - No, Kawaii, it really isn't "cool" that he goes fast
12/23 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Ellis, Kawaii, battlemages, elf - Time-ninja cat and pointy-eared mouse
2011/01/10 Meji, Ichiro, lifemage | Tsuirakushiti - She's waking up
01/13 Meji, Ichiro, lifemage - The old guy really does care about his granddaughter, and vice versa!
01/17 Meji, Ichiro, lifemage - Meji seems all ready to go, despite the others
01/20 Meji, Ichiro, lifemage, NPC Guard - She probably really could have made head 'splody, you know
01/24 Meji, Ichiro - A battle of wills; Meji is winning, but it's surprisingly affectionate
01/27 Meji, Ichiro - A grandfatherly hug, and an exchange of Sleep spells, only one of which works
01/31 General Izayoi, Bani, Corporal Matsu, unnamed captain, golem, others - Loading up the airships
02/03 Meji, Bani, others - Bani does a terrific double take
02/07 Meji, General Izayoi, Bani, captain, others - Meji would like to borrow an airship, is that OK? Actually, it doesn't matter whether it's OK or not
02/10 Meji, General Izayoi, Bani - Bani gives a rather ambiguous character reference
02/14 Meji, General Izayoi, Bani, others - The general issues new orders, but Bani gets the last word

Note: Chronicles of Heretic Knowledge omake interspersed with the comics and Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate articles).

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