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Cloaking device

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Unidentified magical thingie that allows things as large as cities (i.e., Tsuirakushiti) to be concealed from the outside world. We don't know how it works (or worked) or whether anyone else has (had) one, but we do know that Tsuirakushiti's doesn't work so well any more, following a small incident involving Luminosita. Cause-and-effect relationships, and exact chronology, in all this are still being worked out.

The elves also had some kind of magical barrier that kept their capital city (Praenubilus Astu) and other elven lands walled off from smelly humans for a long time, but Luminosita took care of that too. We don't know whether their barrier is the same thing as the cloaking device used at Tsuirakushiti, however. Probably not; the implication is that Veracia knew about the elven homelands and the barrier all along, while Tsuirakushiti was entirely out of sight, out of mind. Of course, the elven territories were known land that humans had probably been kicked out of when the elves went to sulk, while Tsuirakushiti was an ocean-crossing flying city, currently the length of Farrell plus some ocean away from its origins in northern Veracia.

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