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A building in Praenubilus Astu where Jon and Sara (and Sarine) are stored while the elves try to figure out what to do with them. The balcony on the room(s) where they're staying offers an impressive view of the humongous statue of Anilis, which Jon notices, of course.

In the real world, consulate buildings are occupied by consuls and consulates, which represent their countries' interests in the country and city where the consulate is located. They're not quite the same thing as an embassy, but close -- they're sort of like a field office to the embassy's corporate headquarters. However, we don't know (yet) what role the consulate plays in elven society, nor what country's representatives normally occupy it. Sarine says it was built by the Cimmerii, which is reasonable enough given that Praenubilus Astu was the capital of the Cimmerii back in the good old days.

Sarine is convinced (undoubtedly correctly) that the consulate's walls have eyes and ears, the better to extract juicy tidbits from her and the Amraphels without the elves having to resort to messy expedients like torture, or even worse, speaking politely to mere humans. Her countermeasures against these take the form of truly marvelous verbal sparring with Jon.

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