Doodah the Dragon

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Mentioned, along with Tarragon the Troll, in a kids' song that Jon sings to annoy (and more importantly, de-program) his sister Sara as they and Sarine are walking to a travel platform so they can go to Praenubilus Astu and rescue Meji. The song has certain similarities to that good old real-world stand-by "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," but the ending is ... different.

Interestingly, the legends and myths of the Poe-verse seem to support the existence of dragons; early on, Meji tried to command Ellis to transform into one to fly the doughty crew to Thranel. (Ellis, being a winged cat rather than a dragon in disguise, pointed out that this was out of his job description.) This tells us that at least Tsuiraku and Farrel have dragon lore, but whether any of it is based in reality (sic) is unclear. Needless to say, even if dragons do exist in the Poe-verse, there's no evidence that there really was a dragon named Doodah.

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