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A moderately important NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

The distinguished (and distinguished-looking) Mr. Lucas is one of the more prominent citizens of Snamish, the secretive half-elf city hidden away in the south central mountains of Veracia. At story time, he serves as the chairman of the city council, but even more significantly, he is the several-times-great-grandson of PC Drusia Valis, the elf who was responsible for the founding of Snamish to begin with. This puts him in about as high a social stratum as exists in the half-elven city, and he is greatly respected there. Furthermore, it makes him a near relative of several other PCs and NPCs, notably Sister Rose, who was married to Benedict's son Kenny until his tragic death, and priestess Desiree, who's his great-great-aunt (Desiree is the daughter of Drusia) despite being decades younger than Benedict is.

He's first encountered on-stage as the party consisting of Rose, Drusia, Argus, etc., comes to visit Snamish. He and Rose greet each other with enormous warmth and affection, as the two have grown so close (after, so Rose has said, a somewhat rocky start) that he treats her basically as his own daughter, and vice versa. Despite this loving reunion, Benedict is soon forced to involve Rose (and Drusia and Desiree) in a sad matter involving a newborn child who, it is feared, may be an Errant. This doesn't end well, to the distress of all involved, and it contributes to the decision of Rose's party, notably half-elf Lillith (whom Drusia had been encouraging to stay around and join the city of Snamish), to move on to their next adventure. Benedict's parting with Rose is just as affectionate as their reunion, though, and he seems to approve of the (then) embryonic romance that Rose and Argus are starting.

His basic concept and backstory are given here, from which it may be inferred that he basically won the half-elf genetic lottery, and that life in the Lucas household is pretty good.


(Note: Player characters are shown in italics.)

  • Drusia Valis, several-times-great-grandmother
  • "Trini," deceased first wife; human, little is known of her
    • Kenny, son with Trini; deceased
      • Sister Rose, Kenny's widow and Benedict's daughter-in-law
  • Beatrice, second (current) wife
    • Claire, daughter with Beatrice
    • Alia, daughter with Beatrice
  • Desiree, several times great-aunt (Drusia's daughter)
  • Marius, several times great-uncle (Drusia's son)

Much of the population of Snamish is related to him as second, third, fourth, ..., cousins, with specifics not given.

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