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An important NPC (sort of a tag-along semi-PC) in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Brad, as he's usually known, is a first cousin and childhood friend of Sister Rose, and like Rose, is a descendant of the semi-legendary Bishop Nuria, a founder of the Reformed branch of the Veracian Church, a minor denomination with rather more ... tolerant ... beliefs than most followers of Luminosita have. Also like Rose, he's a priest of sorts in that church, and has indicated that he's served various priestly functions in the boonies of Veracia. However, the resemblance ends there. He's basically something of a schlemiel (although a well-intentioned one who genuinely tries to be a nice guy) and has neither his cousin's magical skills (although he can cast the basic spells available to any Veracian priest) nor her capacity for getting by in the non-church real world. This extends to lack of any service time in the Veracian military (most definitely not true of his ex-Special-Forces cousin) and a resulting clumsiness with most forms of weaponry, although that hasn't kept him from trying.

The party including Argus, Lillith, etc., first encounters Brad in the weird, movable (and moving) town of Ramanzel, where he says he's been sent to explore opening a temple of the Reformed denomination. Prospects for this are unappetizing -- the town is pretty well in the pockets of the Orthodox people and the vaguely ominous Millenarian denomination -- but in any event, this gig is merely a cover for his real reason for being in southern Veracia. Simply put, poor Brad is a jilted husband. His wife, Annie, has dumped him and run off with someone whom Rose suspects (although Brad doesn't, at least not yet) of being a Millenarian functionary, quite possibly the one she and the party had a spooky encounter with in the Millenarian-controlled town of Provatiel. Brad's original intention was to find this adulterous pair, kill his romantic rival, then do the same to himself; however, after he confessed this plan to Rose, she talked him out of it.

He tags along with the merry crew as they make their way through southern Veracia, having fallen hard for Lillith in the process, to the point where he's all but forgotten about his unfaithful wife ... most of the time. He gradually becomes a full participant in the group's adventures, and in the process, finds that Lillith is starting to reciprocate his affections. Finally, the two are married (offstage) and leave the party, to take refuge in Santuariel and start a family. Based on what's seen when PCs Desiree and Therese come to town, they're apparently having the proverbial happy ending.

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