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A young female NPC encountered in the Errant Road on-line, free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Mrs. Bindiel (and let there be no doubt, it's "Mrs." rather than "Ms."), also known as Sister Carleen, is a member of the aberrant (or is it?...) version of the Millenarian Church in the small town of Provatiel. She works at the castle that doubles as the Millenarians' seat of operations and a military base, and is the third(!) wife of the polygamous Elgin Bindiel, by whom she has a young child. Actually, she's barely more than a child herself; Sister Rose, who befriends her somewhat while visiting the castle, estimates her age as no more than 17 or 18. People in the church use her "Sister Carleen" handle, but it is doubtful whether this qualifies her as a nun of the church.

This young mother has encounters with Rose and her fellow adventurers as they head south toward Lorenzel, during which it emerges that she's a native of the tiny town of Ramanzel, important to the game because the enigmatically late Father Egbert is also from Ramanzel. She finds player character Lillith baffling for her vegetarianism, and it is fair to say, the sentiment is reciprocal.

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