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In the world of Errant Road, a region in Farrel. Needless to say, no such region is known to exist in the Poe-verse.

The Mountains of Madness are a string of volcanic mountains that combine with the Waldhaxen Channel to almost split Farrel in two. The chain is so rugged that passage between north and south is considered to be nearly impossible, or at least not worth the effort.

The range consists of a central massif with a currently active volcano, the "Dwarven Forge," and a number of other high summits, with various foothills and ridges running off in all directions. One of these ridges descends between the towns of Volkanenborg and Mittelberg. The pass carrying the road between these two towns is the scene of an extended skirmish involving many of the player characters and some renegade members of the Gewehr, predictably ending disastrously for the latter. The ridge itself is honeycombed with caves and mines, some of which were the scene of additional battles at the instigation of the dreaded "Red Elf" (Neverinal) -- or was it because of Saiko Mesuinu? Hard to be sure.

The Mountains are a place of mystery and danger. Legend has it that the Mountains were once home to elves. This legend has been strengthened by Dwarven Artifacts purported to have been found in the Lost Veracian Mine.


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