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A very minor, and soon deceased, NPC in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. He wasn't actually named in the game until well after his demise, which gives you some idea of just how minor he was -- minor, yet significant, as his death set all manner of interesting things in motion.

Ryono was a novice battlemage serving in the Tsuirakuan military, apparently as part of the country's Department of Homeland Security. Shortly before the start of the game, he got transferred to Kiyoka to help staff the Homeland Security operation there. He happened to be walking by the Veracian mission -- whether investigating the curious violence nearby (see ER:Lennie) or just passing by is not clear -- just in time to see a huge, mysterious form jump between the mission building and one across the street. This form was PC Grope, a troll whose presence in town was unexpected and frightening enough to get the young private to fire his Yuuki staff at him. Unfortunately for him (although fortunately for Grope and the story), he neglected a fairly basic point of weapons safety, and incinerated not his target but himself when the staff summoned a lightning bolt from the heavens, striking staff and wielder. As if that wasn't enough, his body wasn't even cooled yet when it was squashed by the collapsing back wall of the mission because of some impromptu remodeling by Ayiee.

Messy as his demise was, it normally wouldn't qualify the late private for a name, let alone an article; anonymous NPCs in role-playing games basically exist to have things like this happen to them. However, his commanding officer, the sinister Captain Kitaura, sends Corporal Kristi Yugawa to investigate his death, and while trying to scoop up enough of Ryono's remains for a post-mortem analysis, she encounters Argus and Brother Farley doing some investigating of their own. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, Farley and Kristi are an Item, Argus and some other people from the mission are off on a mysterious quest, and the Errant Road fun has well and truly begun. All told, not bad for a nearly archetypal red-shirted ensign type.

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