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Rice, or to give her her full name, Lan Hong, is a player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, portrayed by Koshkoo. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. Rice's basic concept appears here in the Forum, from which the following information is extracted.



Name: Lan “Rice” Hong
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age : 28


Thin crescent eye brow lining over round watery eyes that is dark amber in colour; with long braid of firey red hair that hangs down her back. Her skin was extremely pale though overall flushed. her nose seems small though not flat, a pair of rosy cheeks that is lined with a sharp chin and thin red lips that made no effort to hide a cheerful though tired wide grin beaming her set of pearl white teeth. rather elaborated pair of ears with thick earlobes. Given generations of 'selective' breeding within the villages around, she bears an exotic yet familiar look.


The first and foremost feat Rice has is a very keen sense towards taste and smell; this comes from her lifelong discipline of turning almost anything she would deem "edible" into something palatable. She is a chef by trade following her long line of heritage; men in her village are typically blacksmiths and women cooks. What her people don’t realize would be their affiliation to heat. Through generations they had worked with fire and heat, her people had picked up a passive trait of being able to "feel" heat as if it is something visible. That gave them through training the ability to manipulate heat while not aware about it. That is of course a form of magic which manifests itself upon people from her village while they aren’t really aware they were using it. Her pursue for cooking materials could sometimes push her to what would seems impossible for her to do.


Rice has a rather cheerful and optimistic look in life. She also has a horrible sense of direction, so bad she could turn in circles aimlessly for days and still thinks she’s making progress. Common sense sometimes eludes her, whether that is because of her stubbornness of believing the world is just one big upturn wok and her infamous motto of "as long as it has its legs touching the ground, and backbone facing the sky, it’s edible"; perhaps it is something that she sees that other people don’t? Make no mistake, she is extremely stubborn and goal orientated to the point there are times she is able to do what seems impossible, for example; butchering a bear with just a meat cleaver because it looks edible.


A horse that she calls "Meat." The poor thing is pretty much what Rice consider emergency ration which spooks it to be able to go on and on just to make sure it won’t become plated food. A huge cart that Meat pulls along. The cart itself is made by her father as a ‘wedding gift’. Within it holds a kitchen which opens towards the starboard (right hand side). The cart has 4 wooden wheels and is driven like a coach. There is also a visible chimney poking out of the V shape roof which constantly puffs out steam and smoke. The cart is specially devised with a steam engine her father had designed and incorporated into the whole cart as a power source for the various traps and gadgets within. (coming soon, cart description)

A familiar that has been with her since her childhood, a self elevating squid (Think Mario) which she calls Mario. It couldn’t talk but could change colour according to its mood and even glow. Mario is Rice’s little helper that gives her hand with heavy things amongst other things. As expected from an airborne floating squid Mario could blow out a blanket of pitch black mist and air propel itself to great speed to flee.


The origin of Rice’s village is not known to her thanks to her wonderful sense of direction. Truth be told however, her village isn't as far off from civilization as she had thought; She comes from some remote farming village at the northern part of Tsuiraku, which the flying city of snobbishness left alone for generations. Isolation and local dialect made her culture seem exotic however it would basically be in line with older Tsuiraku.

Language: Bearing much of an isolated dialect, her accent bears closer resemblance to Tsuiraku's old language in writing, pronunciation pivots from the main stream as well making it sound like a totally different language. Rice couldn't read nor write, and this handicap extends to even her verbal and listening skills.

She was dispatched almost 10 years ago along with Meat, Mario and cart in seeking the man her hand was promised to before birth, another smith from one of her nearby village. She had traveled through various sea and land in seeking her fiancé ever since, firmly believing she’s going to get married to this man she’s never met in her life. Her wedding gift, her cart bears the marking of her family which she believes would be her only way to finding her man, which she believes she would know who would be from first sight.

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