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A nun of the Veracian Church, Errant Road style. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, where her decidedly unorthodox approach to her religion would probably get her thrown out of town, or worse.

Sister Eva's backstory, along with that of her much more ... colorful ... twin Sister Marilyn, is related by Father Egbert in a brief moment with Argus before his mystifying bugout. The twins spent their early childhood in a mystical, semi-martial community somewhere in Veracia, we are not told exactly where. They got out of it just in time, as the place was completely destroyed by the Ensigerum. (Could it have been the same splinter group that's mentioned in the main story in connection with Chris and his father Correl? Possibly, but not necessarily -- this isn't the Poe-verse, after all.) However, they retain some of the ... skills ... learned there even as young (20-ish) adults in the Church.

Eva is much the more conventional of the two twins, and unlike her sister, spends most of her time doing the usual nun-ish things in the Veracian mission in Kiyoka. She's first encountered when she and her colleague and superior, Sister Margaret, investigate a rather messy corpse found in the alley outside the mission, it having been put in that state by a brief, fatal encounter with PC (and troll) Grope. She flits in and out during other encounters at the mission, occasionally incurring cases of mistaken identity, although Marilyn's mini-skirt "robe" should suffice to let us tell the difference between the two young women.

She hasn't been heard from in a while, but if the action ever returns to Kiyoka, she'll probably be involved in it.

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