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A minor, short-lived, but memorable NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, first encountered here. She is a middle-aged nun in the minor "Calfornican" sect of the Veracian Church, which is active on the west coast of Veracia and is notable for its... unique use of mind-altering substances in its religious rites.

"Nimmie," as she prefers to be known, is also an Item with Father Arnold, high priest of the Calfornican Church (note that priest-nun couples are allowed within the Calfornican religious practice), and extends hospitality on his behalf to the PC party of Sister Rose, Lillith, Eli, etc., when they travel to Getsemiel. Rose remembers her from a previous trip to Getsemiel that ended disastrously in the death of Rose's husband, but despite this unfortunate connection to her past, she and the others cordially accept Nimmie's greetings and the -- distinctive brownies and other munchies that she offers. Unfortunately, while the adventurers are out of town trying to do the mission they were sent to the coast to perform, much of Getsemiel is destroyed by an ill-explained aerial attack, and Nimmie is among those killed. It's a pity; she was a pleasant and engaging character -- totally awesome, in fact.

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