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A locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, it doesn't exist (that we know of) in the Poe-verse.

Tsuiraku-town is a neighborhood in the Farrelian city of Rinkaiel, on the north coast of the country. As one might expect from its name, it is populated primarily by expatriates from Tsuiraku. It seems to bear about the same relationship to Rinkaiel as a whole as the real-world Chinatown does to real-world San Francisco, but if anything, is even more insular and self-contained. Its size and total population are unknown, but apparently substantial.

Tsuiraku-town becomes an important (over 800 posts and still growing) venue for Errant Road play, largely because of the arrival of PC Layla and entourage so that Layla can start taking magic lessons there. She's directed to a laboratory at the edge of Tsuiraku-town to begin her studies under the Tsuirakuan mage Dasuke Kinabalu; however, sensei Kinabalu meets an unfortunate, magical end somewhere in Tsuiraku-town, for reasons not yet made clear. Following a brief session with the curiously cold-blooded Madori, Kinabalu's replacement (and possibly widow), Layla's magic lessons continue under the tutelage of her friend Galina, whom she knows from earlier interactions at the Mountain of Madness amusement park.

What is this laboratory doing in town? Good question, and we have been told that the answer is that the city fathers (read: mob) of Rinkaiel would like to see the city get a warp gate so as to improve its connections with the rest of the civilized world. The laboratory was set up by the Tsuirakuans to train the first generation of native portalmages so they can pitch in when the gate becomes operational. This doesn't seem to be going well; at least we've never seen any students at the lab other than PCs Layla and Hikari plus two or three unnamed NPCs.

Other identified locales in Tsuiraku-town include a large, and oddly staffed, Temple of the Divine Dwarf; several Tsuirakuan restaurants and coffee shops, one of them sharing space with a thaumatic apothecary where Dr. Kinabalu meets his end at just about the same time as a swarm of PCs (Layla, Jamie, Rhett, Maya, etc.) arrive (remarkably, there seems to be no cause and effect to that); and an urban park. There are undoubtedly other important places there, but we haven't seen much of them yet, except to establish that an outfit that one might call the "Oshima gang" have a yakuza-like finger on much of what goes on. Significantly, the Tsuirakuan consulate in Rinkaiel (currently harboring the menacing Captain Kitaura among others) is not in Tsuiraku-town, although police forces from the consulate occasionally show up there (and are given a wide berth by the inhabitants).

As far as can be told, the Seeadler, dominant "guild" in Rinkaiel, has not penetrated Tsuiraku-town to any significant extent.

Named residents of Tsuiraku-town

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