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Needless to say, Zhbrigeeul didn't exist, doesn't exist, and probably never will exist in the [[Poe-verse]].
Needless to say, Zhbrigeeul didn't exist, doesn't exist, and probably never will exist in the [[Poe-verse]].
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Zhbrigeeul is a significant, although never seen, personage in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game -- at least if one is willing to include trolls under the definition of "personage." Alas, it would also be more appropriate to say that she was such a personage, as sadly, she is no longer with us. And thereby hangs a tale.

Zhbrigeeul was a powerful troll shaman-priestess -- we've learned from subsequent exchanges that the preferred term among the trolls themselves is "Matriarch" -- whose mate, Grope (to give the name he uses among humans rather than his unpronounceable trollish name), is a player character under the control of Graybeard. This happy pair (seriously -- trolls mate for life and mean it) traveled out of the troll homelands, wherever they are, at some point in the pre-Errant-Road past to do some exploring, with the goal of finding some place where their troll tribe/clan/band could settle. A few years back, they journeyed to Tsuiraku, along the way gaining a life-long debt of gratitude from the sinister Mr. Stagpoole, whose life they saved on the voyage, and also renewing an unusual friendship with player character Lucas Ravanel.

On arrival in Tsuiraku, they split up -- a painful thing for a mated pair of trolls to do -- to do some exploring, always figuring that as soon as one or the other found some suitable habitat, they'd get back together somehow, go home to summon their tribe, and generally, live happily ever after. Unfortunately, it was not to be. While Grope was blundering into an episode in Kiyoka that led to him meeting Lucas again and becoming a player character, Zhbrigeeul was having far more ... serious ... encounters with the locals. Terminally serious. It hasn't been revealed exactly how, but the safe house at the Rising Moon Vineyards, a front for the Gewehr operation in town, came to be "decorated" with her lifeless hide. Needless to say, when Grope discovered the hide, he was not pleased.

On the other hand, death isn't a complete, 100% end of story when you're a troll. Grope was able to perform certain trollish rites (probably best left undescribed) that led to Zhbrigeeul's "Wisdom" -- in effect, part of her persona including certain memories, experience, etc. -- being incorporated into his "Many-Fathers-God-Wisdom-Robe," a shamanistic if rank-smelling piece of clothing handed down from troll generation to generation. That's par for the course, and why trolls' religious practices include cannibalism, but more remarkably, the festivities included the transference of just a tiny fraction of her magical abilities to her astounded mate. Grope was completely dumbfounded by this development; male trolls aren't supposed to do magic, after all. Yet it happened. Anyway, he's now wandering in search of a new mate (again, trolls do this) and appreciating the fact that Zhbrigeeul is still with him in spirit, or at least in his cruddy robe. And there, for the moment, the matter rests.

Needless to say, Zhbrigeeul didn't exist, doesn't exist, and probably never will exist in the Poe-verse.

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