Elven Territories

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Elven Territories

Detail Map Major Cities
Esmapelventerritoriesnr2.jpg Praenubilus Astu

The only known city in the Elven Territories is Praenubilus Astu, the former capital of the Cimmerii. It is situated on the South Eastern pennensula of the Veracian continent, which was protected by a Barrier/Shield until 200 years ago. Although the means of protection has changed, it is still protected and humans aren't allowed to enter.

Currently, all four elven races live in the Elven Territories and no single Elven Race has a large enough remaining population to maintain their own independent territory.


All Elven civilization steadily imploded during the devastating Errant War, which began about 2000 years ago, after the disappearance of Tsuirakushiti. Sometime between 1000 and 500 years ago the elves looked up from the Errant War and noted the vast devastation that they had wrought on their own civilization and species. Recoiling in horror, they all pulled back to the sole remaining territory, Cimmerii, which seems to have taken substantially less damage than the other elven territories. Most of them live in the sole surviving Elven city of Praenubilus Astu, the former capital of the Cimmerii.

This consolidated both sides of the Errant War under one roof but seeing as how they almost fought themselves into extinction, they quit fighting each other and began to sulk. They expelled all the humans from their remaining territories, put up the Barrier/Shield, and retreated from the world.

In the meanwhile, the human civilization of Farrel expanded into parts of former territories of the Rinkai Erufu and part of the Keiren, and Veracia expanded to fill the remaining Keiren territory, as well as that of the Sanguen.

They remained in this state until 200 years ago, when Veracia decided they were big and bad enough to take on what was left of the Elves. Bravado being what it is however, the Ensigerum and the Veracian Priests thought that the Elves were safely extinct. Much to their surprise, this wasn't the case.

When Veracia brought their fake god Luminosita against the Elven Barrier/Shield the resulting fireworks were felt around the globe. The backlash even blew out the cloaking devices of ancient Tsuirakushiti, as well as those of Praenubilus Astu, and both an ultra-modern Tsuirakushiti and stagnating Praenubilus Astu were revealed. Much to the chagrin of the Veracians, as either of them were vastly more powerful than Veracia.

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Impy says The Elves are currently the biggest power to be feared in the world, despite Tsuiraku's magical prowess

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