Great Statue of Anilis

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Just as it says, a truly gigantic statue of Anilis built in days of old by the Cimmerii. It faces the consulate in Praenubilus Astu where Jon Amraphel and his sister Sara (and Sarine Elle) are stored while the elves figure out what to do with them.

The statue is naked, as usual for representations of Anilis, and anatomically correct. This gives Jon quite a start when he first sees the thing towering above him. Sarine thinks that it represents Anilis "performing some sort of dance," the purpose of which is not disclosed (and she probably doesn't know herself). She reminisces that this apparition gave her nightmares when as "a very young child, only twenty or so," she visited Praenubilus Astu for the first time. (Of course, she also points out that an anatomically-correct, equally huge statue of Senilis would probably have been even worse. You can always count on Sarine to see, if not necessarily the bright side of things, at least the ironic one...) Shortly thereafter, it gives Jon and Sarine a great opportunity for banter to keep the scrying devices and bugs in their quarters entertained, until Sarine can figure out a way to defeat them.

Alas, this statue is no more, as a result of battle damage sustained when Ianilis and his Ensigerum buddies come calling on Praenubilus Astu. The resulting debris harks back to the invoking of the poem Ozymandias way back at the beginning of the story (and allows Jon a fun bit of snark connecting with "Planet of the Apes" in the process). What goes round comes round, it appears.

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