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Ozymandias is a poem by Percy Shelley, quoted on the first page of Errant Story. Or the second, depending on whether or not you count the picture of Meji Hinadori as a page or as the cover.

Ozymandias tells the ironic story of an ancient king who gloried in what he thought were his eternal works. Like all things, though, the works turned to dust and the king himself was forgotten.

(Well, not entirely forgotten, since people were still writing poems about him in the 19th century)

(And he was Ramses II, so he's actually still pretty famous even today. So I guess Ozymandias wins)

The significance of this poem to Errant Story is still unclear. Who is Ozymandias? Is it Meji Hinadori? Ian Samael? Anilis? Luminosita? The elves? The humans? The dwarves? Don't look at me for answers. I'm just a random idiot corrupted by the omnipotent powers of wiki.

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