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One of the many fans of Michael Poe's artistic works.

Also a member of the Kyhm Forums, where the Errant Story forum resides.

Some favorite quotes from the Forums or #en.

Titles are like cases of herpes: You mess around with a bunch of people long enough and BAM! You've got one and you don't know why or how. -Oniko Hakubi

* EbilPoohKitKat doesn't get the game
<spiketail|Scorched3d|SortaHere> You = A tank. Using an assorted mix of weapons you can buy, you destroy other tanks by selecting the elevation, power, and which direction you fire.
<Superkuh> It's like pool, only 3d, and with tactical nuclear weapons.
<RMG> Damn, Errant Story is really good
<RMG> i went to look up an old strip and now i can't stop reading
<onion> God is omnipresent, especially in heaven, so technically he would be in your pants
<onion> Technically he's in your pants now. The filthy harlot.

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