Captain Aphel

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Captain Aphel.jpg

Captain Aphel

Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2010/10/21


Chapter 47
2010/10/21, 2010/10/25, 2010/10/28


A member of the Tsuirakuan military who is ordered to lead a squad of Heliomancers (basically, Tsuirakuan special forces) into Praenubilus Astu, to assist the elves in their death struggle with the forces of Ianilis. He first appears here, watching quietly as his second in command, an unnamed Lieutenant, asks high Tsuirakuan mucky-muck General Izayoi what is actually a very good question, when you think about it. (Sarine supplies part of the answer, in her inimitable style.) Captain Aphel just listens stoically, and the group gates off to their fate.

He's at least made it beyond the "Ensign" rank (of "red-shirted ensign" fame), but guys like this have a most unsavory tendency to get dead when the shooting starts and/or the monster appears. However, it looks as though the Tsuirakuans managed to avoid taking casualties in the grand final battle, so maybe he escaped. Note that the "Appearances" list for him above may be incomplete, as he might easily be one of the faceless mooks flitting through the final three chapters.

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