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The Cimmerii, a race of elves, once owned the southern tip of Veracia, living in the interior of the southeastern mountain range. According to Poe (below), they have coal black hair and extremely pale skin. It's not clear whether we have seen one yet, but one of the members of the Elven Council that Sarine confronted, most likely Skena, seems to fit the description.

Other names for them (cave elves, dark elves, night elves, black elves, angry disenfranchised minority elves) were rejected.

According to Sarine, they are the most "inhibited and morally conservative of the Elven races", which doesn't stop them from building enormous statues of dancing naked women in the middle of the capital, complete with highly detailed anatomy.

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Poe Notes:|

(Taken from this thread in the Forum)

RedX wrote: Nor is her skin a dark shade, though Ellis's comments about 'Dark', 'Night', and 'Black' Elves here may be founded in total ignorance of what Cimmerii actually look like.

Very pale skin and typically coal black hair.

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