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In the world of Errant Road, a town in southern Veracia, near Lorenzel. Needless to say, no such town is known to exist in the Poe-verse.

Nautkia is perched atop a sea cliff (oddly enough) above the Lorenzel River, downstream of Lorenzel itself. This locale leaves it perfectly situated for use by smugglers, and in fact, that's what it's there for. At least five different smuggling outfits work out of the town, using a particularly large and ornate Reformed temple as a front.

A large gaggle of player characters descend on Nautkia in pursuit of the fugitive Father Egbert, whose sister Lucy Kankaniel heads one of the bands of smugglers. All manner of entanglements with smuggling groups ensue, with one group "interacting" with Argus, another with Sister Rose and Brother Miguel, and so on. Adding to the chaos, an elf is on scene and checking out the several half elves in town with murder on her mind. PC Lillith comes to the aid of her half-elven kinsmen and helps them escape the elf and head back north, although events conspire to keep her from joining them.

Alas, the main activity here doesn't turn out well. Argus, Rose and Miguel finally run Egbert to ground, after a search that has taken them half way across Veracia. However, he commits suicide, for reasons that mystify and appall his pursuers, by jumping off the sea cliff -- or does he? The situation can reasonably be described as "unsettled" as our heroes ride off into the sunset.

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