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A minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

This curious fellow is a priest in the Temple of the Divine Dwarf, one of the more -- colorful religious cults in Farrel and beyond. His particular temple is in the town of Volkanenborg, which becomes a travel destination for the mob of tourist-adventurers guided by Lucas because of its proximity to the Mountain of Madness amusement park (of which, probably, the less said, the better). Jamie Porter ducks into this temple to hide from her resolutely pursuing mother, who's on a quest to get her settled down, married and pregnant, none of which appeal to Jamie. The good reverend sees this as an opportunity to give a tour and conduct some evangelism (read: collect some alms), whereupon all manner of remarkable dwarven artifacts are exhibited.

We'll probably never see this guy again, unless the action returns to Volkanenborg, and it's just as well.

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