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Race: Half Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: N/A




2006-01-06, 2006-01-13
Ian's magical mentor at or near Santuariel, not yet seen but mentioned here and here. We don't know anything about him -- yet -- except that his attempts to teach Ian some healing magic haven't helped Ian deal with the maladies afflicting Evelyn. One of his friends (a very old female half elf who used to work at an "inn" in Salvus) pointed Ian to the Lorenzel Excavations as something that might help him. Actually, "help" doesn't exactly do it justice...

It has been implied, although not stated explicitly, that he's the father of Susan, one of the errants who showed up for healing by the Anilis-enhanced Ian.

Note that Maxwel, unlike almost all regular Errant Story characters, gets a brief appearance as an NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, starting here. Needless to say, anything he does in Errant Road is non-canon and has nothing to do with actual events in the Errant World.

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